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Living life before and after my ALS diagnosis with dignity and purpose. 

Tesla Oldfield Peru State Softball


I played Softball and and ran Cross Country for Peru State where I earned my degree in 

Sports Management and Exercise Science in 2014.

I have always carried a drive to push my body to the next level and sports are my passion.


While attending Peru State as a double athlete, I also served as Vice-President of the Exercise Science Honor Society Phi Epsilon Kappa (PEK), was an active member in the National Business and Leadership Fraternity Phi Beta Lambda (PBL), and served as the President of the Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC)


Delivering Habor Lynn into this world is my proudest accomplishment. Motherhood changed my life for the better and every day I strive to teach my daughter that with strength and determination anything is possible. 

tesla oldfield Mother
tesla oldfield


During my pregnancy I began to experience signs of physical weakness, but after my daughter's birth things began to progress. 

I underwent several tests, met with multiple specialists, and shortly after my daughter's first birthday I received my ALS diagnosis. 

As I researched the disease, it became clear that my path ahead would not be easy. I prepared for the expected changes that would come to my body and became determined to rise above any challenges.


Living life with purpose is essential. I face challenges every day, but I know that I have a strong God. My faith gives me courage and I've made it my mission to continue to serve in big ways. 

You are stronger than you think. 

Tesla Oldfield ALS

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