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My journey with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) began when I suddenly lost the ability to lift my left foot. Thinking the difficulty was weakness from my pregnancy I pushed through. However, when I experienced a fall with my new baby girl I began to seek medical attention. After multiple doctors visits, testing, and meetings with specialists, I was finally diagnosed with ALS. 

Today, I want to provide free resources and education about the disease and show my daughter that no matter what, you can always help others.

Tesla Oldfield



Assistance for Independence 

The right mobility device can help you stay safe and independent. Learn about available equipment and financial resources that may be available to you.


Empower Daily Living

Learn the best way to support the needs of someone with ALS or programs that are available to provide the care you may need on your ALS journey!


Address Symptoms

Discover approved drugs and alternative treatments that are currently available for ALS symptoms.

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